"Lost Falls", our longest tube slide is just under 400 feet, is full of twists and turns sure to thrill and excite either single or double tube riders.

"Velociraptor Vortex", is what we call our "Superbowl" ride. You start out quickly dropping into a gigantic bowl, where you will swirl and spin until you are flushed into yet another thrilling slide.

"Prehistoric Plunge", is a 300-foot high-speed body/mat slide.

"The Constrictor", is our newest and fastest slide in Raptor Reef.  This 350 foot high speed slide is the first of its kind to be installed in the Northwest.  The slide gets its name because of its 3 very tight curves; where guests will ride very high on the walls of the slide.  It was also recently highlighted on the Travel Channel as one of the world’s most extreme slides!

*Height requirements: Body/mat slide-42" min.
Tube slides: 48" to ride alone and 42" min with an adult on double tube