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Family Fun Park


age-icon Minimum Age: 3
height-icon Minimum Height: 40”
  • Hologate is a multi-player virtual reality activity.
  • Due to the nature of this activity, please expect long wait times.

Come over and join us at our newest activity, Hologate, which is a 4 player cooperative or competitive VR simulator. With 6 different games to choose from you can cook, fight, or duel with your friends against zombies, samurais and much more.

Family-Friendly Hologate Games

Groove Guardians - PVP

Challenge your friends and family to electrifying music, rhythm, and dance battles. Punch the colored orbs to the beat -- the harder you punch, the more points you'll receive! Move out of the way of laser obstacles to avoid losing points.

Cold Clash - PVP

With happy penguins, power-ups, and coins, this family-friendly game will win you over with its cute design and competitive gameplay. Compete against your friends and look out for the giant yeti in this snowball fight.

Captain Cook - Team

Who will feed the dozens of hungry pirates? Luckily, you and your friends are certified seadog chefs! Chop vegetables, grill meat, and pour drinks. Some ingredients are unavailable to you, so ask your teammates for what you need!

More Intense Hologate Games

Zombyte - Team

Protect a valuable data core by fighting countless hordes of undead monsters. Shoot drones above you for power-ups, avoid missiles, and duck under sawblades and lasers. Heal downed teammates by aiming at them when circles appear.

Rig Rebels - PVP

Climb around an oil rig while engaging in combat in this highly competitive PVP game! Use your parkour skills to grab neon orbs for points and take down your opponents.

Simurai - Team/PVP

Simurai is a team-based cooperative shooter game where you fight out-of-this-world monsters! You can win power-ups by shooting them to gain a great advantage against the big boss!

Simurai Arena - PVP

This is a highly competitive PVP game. Compete to gain control over the most towers. To gain towers, shoot the one closest to you and stay on it for at least 6 seconds. You can steal towers, take down your opponents, and gain power-ups!