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Raptor Reef Indoor Water Park

The Constrictor

age-icon Minimum Age: 3
height-icon Minimum Height: 42”
  • Must be at least 48″ to ride alone
  • Newest and fastest slide in Raptor Reef
  • 350 foot high speed slide with 3 very tight curves
Two young girls riding down the Constrictor on a double tube

“The Constrictor” is our newest and fastest slide in Raptor Reef. This 350 foot high speed slide is the first of its kind to be installed in the Northwest. The slide gets its name because of its 3 very tight curves; where guests will ride very high on the walls of the slide. It was also recently highlighted on the Travel Channel as one of the world’s most extreme slides!

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Must be a minimum of 48″ tall to go down alone, 42″ with an adult.

Close up of two adults on the XD Dark ride screaming

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