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Triple Play’s New Virtual Reality Games

By Triple Play

At Triple Play, we’re all about having an amazing time and making parties something incredible to remember. We’ve got great rides, great food, and great experiences for family and friends.

Now more than ever, our games selection is growing and sporting some amazing entries. Our virtual games in particular are lined up to make for an amazing party experience. 

Virtual Reality makes it so some of the most incredible and expansive theme park experiences can be brought right into the arcade, and be a part of anything from a birthday party to a company outing or a camp group and more.

These are just a few of the virtual reality games at Triple Play.


Hologate offers a truly immersive multiplayer experience with an amazing library of virtual reality games that live inside the system. Take control of the amazing experience and live out the intense battles, fantasy adventures, and nail-biting competitions.

Hologate is one of a kind in that the VR field of play is a massive 140 square foot arena. Players don their virtual reality headsets and dive into everything from eSports, arena competitions, even virtual escape rooms! Challenge your friends to VR competitions and show off your skills!


Storm is an incredible virtual reality experience that will thrill the whole crowd. Based on the simple idea of a virtual reality roller coaster,  Storm is a two-seat ride that engages the players by sending them on a hair-raising ride across canyons, mountains, oceans, and out into the world of the unknown.

Make the coaster go faster and faster by moving your hands to catch the colored orbs and see if you can catch more than your opponent!

Moto VR

If you want a truly thrilling racing experience that puts you right into the experience of the jumps and trails of motocross? Moto VR lets you race a whole lineup of different dirt bikes across forests, deserts, and other stunning environments.

Customize your dirt bike, fire up your engine, and get ready for the most thrilling race you’ve ever had!

Beat Sabre

Just what happens when you cross a lightsaber battle with the best dance music you’ve ever heard? The answer is Beat Saber. Load up electric dance beats and feel the rhythm as your virtual reality lets you traverse a futuristic landscape while moving with the groove of the music.

Loaded up with the most popular and unforgettable tracks, this game will be sure to have you moving and showing off your incredible dance moves.

We hope you will all continue to read and watch our blog & vlog, and more than that We can’t wait to see you visit us soon.