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Ropes Course

Get ready to reach new heights on our 32 foot ropes course. The Triple Play Ropes Course will provide adventure, thrills and excitement. Located indoors this 3 level adventure offers a year-round weather-proof challenge for families and adventurers of all ages. 

Parents of young children, don’t despair! True to Triple Play fashion, there is a smaller version that is only a few feet off the ground, giving the little ones a chance to participate either alone or with help.

Must be 48” tall to climb Ropes Course alone. Must be 42” tall to climb Ropes Course with an accompanying adult. Only Children under 48” can use the Tykes Course and must have an accompanying adult. Shoes with a back strap required for ropes course climbing course.


bumper 1

Bumper Cars

Bump and spin your way around other guests as you enjoy a ride on our bumper cars. Located in an LED lit monitored arena, sure to be fun for all ages! Height requirements for bumper cars is 44” minimum for driver. Shoes and Shirts required.


bowling at triple play


Triple Play is an open bowling center that has 20 smoke free lanes, including 18 10-pin lanes and two duck pin lanes, all with automatic bumpers.  With open lanes and black light bowling Friday and Saturday nights, Triple Play Family Fun Park is the perfect way for your family and friends to have fun together anytime. Strike and Splash Bowling is every Friday and Saturday night from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., where you may have chances to win Waterpark passes.

miniature golf at triple play

2 Miniature Golf Courses

With an inside black light course containing 9 exciting holes, and an outside course challenging you with a full 18, Triple Play's beautifully themed miniature golf courses are fun for all ages.



Go Karts

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines! Race around our exciting track to test your skills and have some serious fun. Our track is over 860 feet long and with 14 double-seated karts (4 with small steering wheels for the little passengers), everyone is sure to have a good time. Drive Height for Go-Karts is 58” minimum and passenger will be less than 58” tall and at least 40” tall, unless passenger is unable to drive a go-kart on their own. If there is a passenger, the driver must be an adult or a responsible teenager. Children 2 and under may not ride in go-karts. Shoes and Shirts required. Long hair must be tied up above the shoulders to ride in a go-kart.

Laser Tag

Suit up for a galactic game of laser tag in our 3600 square foot two level laser tag arena. The fog filled atmosphere is filled with pumping music, black lights and surprises around every corner. Height for Laser Tag is 48" minimum, 42" with an adult.Children 2 and under may not go into the Laser Tag arena.

Bumper Boats

Hop into one of our bumper boats and splash around. Our bumper boats are electric, which means, no fumes, no noise, just lots of fun! Each bumper boat has room for several people and is equipped with squirters, so bring a towel! Drive height for bumper boats is 44" minimum for driver and and all passengers must be a minimum of 40” and be driven by an adult or responsible teenager.  All passengers must be under 50” tall.  Two adults may not ride together in the same boat.  The adult, parent, supervisor must sit in the center seat and control the motor.  Children 2 and under may not ride in bumper boats.  Shoes and Shirts required.

north idaho family fun park arcade


If games are what you enjoy you can challenge yourself with a wide variety of high-tech skill-based games in our arcade. We also have a great redemption center for you to claim your prizes.





Triple Play Mining Company*

Fun for all ages! Select a bag of rough mix, then let the water wash over the sand as you experience the fun of panning for real gemstones, fossils, or arrowheads!

*This does not qualify as an attraction for any of our passes

climbing wall at triple play

Climbing Wall

Come climb our rock wall and ring the bell when you reach the top. Then rappel down like a real mountain climber. Our rock wall accommodates all ages and abilities, with paths varying from beginner to the advanced climber. Children 2 and under may not climb rock wall. Closed toe shoes only.

Garden Fresh Grill

The Garden Fresh Grill is a limited service restaurant that offers pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, appetizers and more. We also serve beer and wine. Kitchen will close 1/2 hour prior to closing each night for cooked food. Beverages will still be available.